Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fastest Indian

Few months back, Mr. Rahul Bajaj and his team came out with the innovation of the century. They designed and mass manufactured a vehicle that could turn an Average Middle-class Indian into the Fastest Indian. I said “innovation of the century” because we Indians are already known as being fastest and quickest all around the world and any tool to help us being even more faster is a significant achievement. We, Indians, are quick to break a traffic signal, quick to get things off our heads, quick to put a blame on someone else, quick to launch a satellite and lose contact with it, quick to claim that we did the discovery first, quick to replicate a successful model with desi touch, quick to launch unfinished products and quick to improvise later before poor consumers complain about it, quick to pass bribery to a government official, quick to copy an international chartbuster, quick to find out ways to make easy bucks, quick to produce movies without stories, quick to forget political scams and the list is endless. Being fastest is in our genes and we have done a great job in creating an environment & a functional model that rewards only the fastest. We draw inspiration from the likes of Himesh Reshammiya who was fastest to brand himself as a great singer, actor, music composer and director or Mr. Telgi who was fastest to print and market fake stamp papers and make Rs. 30000 crores or Mr. Sehwag who is fastest to score a half century in one out of the 20 matches he plays on an average or Master Darsheel safary who is fastest to achieve stardom in film industry or Aaj Tak(Sabse Tej), a channel fastest in breaking entertaining news. Our educational institutions are not behind by any means and are fastest to teach the calculations that could help maximise the benefits for oneself, fastest to commercialize the education and make quick bucks, fastest to design and introduce a course that helps in getting a quick job. That’s right, we get an adrenaline rush every time we get this feeling of being fastest.

Anyway, coming back to the amazing vehicle designed by Mr. Bajaj. The vehicle pretty much looks like a motor bike, with two wheels similar to the other bikes available in the market, front design similar to another old bike by rival company, a 200 cc engine that is not really good enough to generate high power to beat other bikes available with 225 -350 cc engines. Still, Mr Bajaj claim that the vehicle is all set to turn any middle class Indian into the Fastest Indian. The vehicle was designed to look like a motor bike because most of the Indian roads can let only a two-wheeler move at fast speed. The choice for a motor bike was also obvious given the fact that only Indian middle class competes on the roads and any other kind of vehicle would have been too costly in terms of money, for target consumers to buy. A serious threat to the ambition of Mr Bajaj and team to make fastest bucks. Talking about the design, the idea was to create a panic situation in the closest competitors camp as quickly as possible. So, replicating an existing design with few modifications was an obvious choice to quickly mass manufacture and enter the market. The similarity in design also helps in identifying the closest rival in the market and is a bold move to tell the rivals that we will beat you with your design only. Third, but not the least, once the competitor camp gets panicked, they would start working on the next generation design for you to copy and beat them again. What about the engine power? I ain’t no bike expert, but i know that unless the engine generates significant amount of power as quickly as possible, the vehicle wont zoom past any other vehicle running next to yours. Well, Mr Bajaj and his team knew that it won’t be the power that the vehicle generates, rather it would be the adrenaline that the vehicle generates in a skilled Indian driver, that would help the vehicle and Mr. Bajaj’s aspirations zoom past the rivals.


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